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Iran finalises deal to buy Russian Su-35 fighter jets AVIATION NEWS International Aviation News, Airshow reports, Aircraft facts, worlds largest Aviation Museum database. Civillian, Military & Space, We cover it All

Su-35 07 Russian Air ForceSu-35 07 Russian Air Force | Rob Vogelaar

DUBAI, Nov 28 (Reuters) – Iran has finalised arrangements for the delivery of Russian made Sukhoi su-35 fighter jets and helicopters, Iran’s deputy defence minister told Iran’s Tasnim news agency on Tuesday, as Tehran and Moscow forge closer military relations.

Iran’s air force has only a few dozen strike aircraft, including Russian jets as well as ageing U.S. models acquired before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

“Plans have been finalised for Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, and Yak-130 jet trainers to join the combat units of Iran’s Army,” Iran’s deputy Defence Minister Mehdi Farahi said.

The Tasnim report did not include any Russian confirmation of the deal.

In 2018, Iran said it had started production of the locally-designed Kowsar fighter for use in its air force. Military experts believe the jet is a carbon copy of the F-5, first produced in the United States in the 1960s.

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Airbus to make German Eurofighter fit for electronic combat AVIATION NEWS International Aviation News, Airshow reports, Aircraft facts, worlds largest Aviation Museum database. Civillian, Military & Space, We cover it All

Eurofighter EF.2000GS Typhoon 31+38 TaktLwG 31 German Air ForceEurofighter EF.2000GS Typhoon 31+38 TaktLwG 31 German Air Force | Rob Vogelaar

Munich, 29 November 2023 – Now it’s official: The Eurofighter EK (Electronic Combat) is coming. Following the recent parliamentary approval by the German budget committee, Airbus will equip 15 German Eurofighters for electronic combat – and equip them with a transmitter location and self-protection system from Saab, as well as “AARGM” anti-radar missiles from the American company Northrop Grumman. The Eurofighter EK is to be NATO-certified by 2030 and will then replace the Tornado in the SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defence) role.

“Electronic warfare and reconnaissance are an important NATO requirement: current conflicts and the present security situation show how important the two capabilities are,” says Airbus Defence and Space CEO Michael Schöllhorn. “In this respect, the German government’s decision to include such an important capability as electronic warfare in the Eurofighter capability portfolio is an important measure. EK will add this important capability to the already broad operational spectrum of the Eurofighter while strengthening European sovereignty and autonomy.”

With the parliamentary approval by the Budget Committee, the Eurofighter is now officially set as the successor to the Tornado ECR (Electronic Combat/Reconnaissance). Airbus is now looking forward to the official order to integrate the selected technical solutions into the Eurofighter. The corresponding contract between Eurofighter GmbH, as prime contractor, and NETMA (NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency) is expected to be signed before the end of the year.

With Saab’s transmitter location system and the Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) from Northrop Grumman, the Eurofighter EK will be able to detect, localise and disable anti-aircraft radars. In addition, the Saab solution has jammers that improve the Eurofighter’s self-protection. The Eurofighter EK also has technologies on board that were developed by small and medium-sized enterprises and a start-up. These include an AI solution that makes it possible to analyse radar data on-board and quickly determine precise self-protection measures.

Airbus is currently working with the BAAINBw procurement office, the German Air Force and the Bundeswehr Aviation Office on a detailed schedule for the implementation of the selected EK solutions in 15 Eurofighters.

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Léman Aviation orders AW09 AVIATION NEWS International Aviation News, Airshow reports, Aircraft facts, worlds largest Aviation Museum database. Civillian, Military & Space, We cover it All

  • The helicopter service provider based in France and Switzerland joins the programme as established European distributors of Leonardo helicopters are in discussion to include the AW09.  
  • The total number of Preliminary Sales Contracts signed in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe would reach 80 units by year-end.     

The number of global partners for the AW09 next-generation single-engine helicopter in the world market grows further with the announcement at European Rotors (Madrid, 28-30 November) of the addition of Léman Aviation, who has signed Preliminary Sales Contracts for ten units. 

Léman Aviation offers tailored solutions for customers looking for personal and professional management of their private helicopter needs: sales and acquisitions, co-ownership program, helicopter operations and charter management, maintenance, and training. Headquartered in Switzerland and France with a strong presence in Monaco and the French Riviera, Léman Aviation delivers world-class helicopter services at the industry’s highest standards.

Léman Aviation joins the consensus around the AW09 programme and market potential as established European distributors of Leonardo helicopters are discussing extending their collaboration and distributorship mandates to include the AW09 in the continent. With this latest achievement, the AW09 world market success extends to Europe following announcements of partnerships and distribution agreements already made in North and Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2023, some leading to end-user orders. The total number of Preliminary Sales Contracts would reach 80 units globally by year-end.  

“The AW09 continues to generate a very positive response from all geographies worldwide as the programme development progresses,” said Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters. “Rotorcraft companies highly welcome the AW09 for its outstanding characteristics and multirole capabilities that represent a significant evolution compared to existing products in this category. The additional preliminary sales contracts signed now in Europe provide clear evidence of it.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with Leonardo on the AW09 programme. This milestone allows Leman Aviation to strengthen its helicopter service portfolio ranging from charter flights, fractional ownership and asset management to aircraft transactions,” said Vincent Pollet and Nicolas Miras, co-founders of Leman Aviation. “The launch of the AW09 programme in France comes with tremendous interest from the market, and we look forward to addressing it with this state-of-the-art single-engine helicopter.” 

The AW09 perfectly complements Leonardo’s product range in the Long Light Single-segment, introducing an all-new design aircraft to sustain long-term competitive positioning in this weight category. A full-scale mock-up of the final configuration is on display at the Leonardo booth at European Rotors, attracting lots of interest within the rotorcraft community thanks to its distinguished features in cabin space and ergonomics, external footprint, and latest-generation avionics and technology.

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Boeing Awarded $2.3 Billion for Additional U.S. Air Force KC-46A Tankers AVIATION NEWS International Aviation News, Airshow reports, Aircraft facts, worlds largest Aviation Museum database. Civillian, Military & Space, We cover it All

– With the Lot 10 contract award, 153 KC-46A multi-mission aerial refuelers are now on contract globally

– The multi-mission aircraft provides advanced capability advantages for the joint force and allies

EVERETT, Wash., Nov. 28, 2023―Boeing [NYSE: BA] will build an additional 15 KC-46A Pegasus tankers under a Lot 10 contract awarded by the U.S. Air Force valued at $2.3 billion. One hundred fifty-three KC-46A multi-mission aerial refuelers are now on contract globally, providing advanced capability advantages for the joint force and allies.

“We appreciate our partnership with the U.S. Air Force, which allows for the expansion of the capacity and capability of the KC-46A fleet,” said Lynn Fox, vice president and KC-46 program manager. “We understand the advantages that KC-46 capabilities give the warfighters, and in the current global environment, we continue to focus our investments on evolving the aircraft for the changing needs of the mission.”

With a supplier network of about 37,000 American workers employed by more than 650 businesses throughout more than 40 U.S. states, the combat-proven KC-46A is transforming the role of the tanker for the 21st century.

From aerial refueling, cargo and passenger transportation, aeromedical evacuation support, and data connectivity at the tactical edge, the KC-46A Pegasus has already been called a “game changer” for its ability to transmit and exchange data, enabling rapid air mobility, global reach and Agile Combat Employment.

Earlier this year, the Air Force awarded Boeing a Block 1 upgrade contract, adding more advanced communications capabilities to enhance the aircraft’s data connectivity and situational awareness.

To date, Boeing has delivered 76 KC-46As to the U.S. Air Force and two to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

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UK scientists, engineers and innovators collaborate to accelerate future combat aircraft air power capability AVIATION NEWS International Aviation News, Airshow reports, Aircraft facts, worlds largest Aviation Museum database. Civillian, Military & Space, We cover it All


The UK’s foremost combat air companies and the Ministry of Defence have conducted research with scientists at the cutting-edge of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and computing to support the development of software for a next-generation fighter jet.

Tempest will be part of the UK’s future combat air system (FCAS), and is designed to be a supersonic stealth fighter equipped with pioneering technologies, including state-of-the-art integrated sensing and protection capabilities. These capabilities will be delivered, in part, by millions of lines of code on the aircraft, with many more lines of code also present in ground-based systems. This means the software on Tempest needs to be more robust and resilient than that on its potential adversaries.

The collaboration provided valuable insights into software requirements, design, delivery, operation, speed of upgrades and maintenance for both the fighter jet and the training systems pilots and maintainers will use to operate and support the aircraft.  

Outsmart Insight, a deep tech intelligence company, and Oxford Creativity, a group delivering a systematic approach to innovation and creative problem solving, conducted targeted research with scientists, engineers and academia. The research addressed the most challenging problems facing software development over the expected multi-decade life of the programme: flexible ways of managing computing resources; the role of trusted artificial intelligence; software re-use; and increasing software dependability.

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Цифровая авиатранспортная система появится в России к 2030 году

29 ноября 2023 г., AEX.RU – Цифровая авиатранспортная система, с помощью которой, в частности, улучшат планирование воздушного движения и снизят вероятность аварий на взлетно-посадочной полосе, появится в России через 5-7 лет. Такой прогноз дал вице-президент Российской академии наук (РАН), научный руководитель Центрального аэрогидродинамического института (ЦАГИ) Сергей Чернышев на III Конгрессе молодых ученых. Об этом сообщает ТАСС.

“Отдельные элементы этой авиатранспортной системы сегодня оцифрованы уже. У нас сегодня цифровая кабина в самолете <…>, работа операторов, управленцев воздушного движения — она тоже цифровая <…>. Нам надо все это <…> собрать вместе <…>. Я думаю, что где-то 5-7 лет — такой период — это реальные вещи”, — сказал он после лекции, посвященной современным вызовам авиационной отрасли.

По словам Чернышева, система поможет объединить данные авиапроизводителей, авиадиспетчеров и аэропортов, что позволит избежать, например, столкновений на взлетно-посадочной полосе. “Это должно быть исключено, и только цифровая система может объять все случаи и выдать как минимум сигнал тревоги, что что-то не так”, — пояснил он.

Эксперт добавил, что в мире уже существуют подобные системы. Они помогают не только оцифровать данные, но и значительно улучшить планирование воздушного движения в зоне аэропортов, в том числе избегать “нарезания кругов” при посадке.

Третий конгресс молодых ученых работает в парке науки и искусства “Сириус” 28-30 ноября. Он является ключевым ежегодным событием Десятилетия науки и технологий и предоставляет крупнейшую площадку для диалога передовой и фундаментальной науки, государственной власти и реального сектора экономики.

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Авиакомпания “Азимут” расширила парк воздушных судов

29 ноября 2023 г., AviaStat.ruАвиакомпания “Азимут” увеличила свой авиапарк до 20 воздушных судов. Новый самолет Superjet 100 базируется в Международном аэропорту Минеральные Воды. Об этом сообщает AVIA.RU со ссылкой на пресс-службу авиаперевозчика.

После ряда процедур по вводу в эксплуатацию лайнер начал выполнять рейсы по расписанию – на самолете, названном в честь реки Белая, можно совершить перелет уже сейчас.

Приобрести авиабилеты и сделать свой перелет комфортнее с помощью дополнительных услуг можно на официальном сайте авиакомпании “Азимут”.

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Доходы около половины аэропортов в мире после пандемии до сих пор не восстановились

29 ноября 2023 г., AviaStat.ruНесмотря на то, что спрос на путешествия достиг допандемийного уровня, 52% руководителей по-прежнему обеспокоены финансовой стабильностью авиагаваней, а 37% сообщили, что они все еще в долгах. Исследование 200 руководителей аэровокзалов «На пути к росту» AeroCloud показало, что 48% респондентов до сих пор не заметили восстановления доходов после спада, вызванного пандемией. Об этом пишет сетевое издание Buying Business Travel Russia.

На пути к этому росту аэропорты сталкиваются с рядом препятствий:

— «Вялый» рост количества пассажиров и их расходов: 62% обеспокоены тем, что количество пассажиров не восстановится до уровня, существовавшего до Covid, при этом 70% прогнозируют, что экономический кризис повлияет на расходы концессионных партнеров.

— Кадровые проблемы: 62% аэропортов считают, что невозможность нанять достаточное количество персонала для обслуживания растущего объема рейсов и пассажиров создает риски для операций в будущие 12 месяцев.

— Изменения в расписании, отмена рейсов: 69% опасаются последствий форс-мажоров, будь то задержка рейсов, неисправности воздушного движения или экстремальные погодные условия. Причем 74% опрошенных назвали отмену рейсов особенно негативным фактором для их репутации среди пассажиров.

«Общие перспективы авиационной отрасли после нескольких трудных лет выглядят неплохо. Но не все аэропорты можно назвать прибыльными. Многие из них все еще борются с последствиями кадровых проблем и сбоями в полетах, — сказал Джордж Ричардсон, генеральный директор и соучредитель AeroCloud. — Вместе с тем большинство по-прежнему полагаются на устаревшие системы и технологии, что значительно снижает эффективность управления существующими активами и влияет на возможность привлекать новые авиакомпании, а также оптимизировать качество обслуживания пассажиров».

Так, 40% руководителей аэропортов сообщили, что все еще используют документы Excel и Word для хранения и управления оперативной информацией. Зависимость от ручных процессов создает огромные препятствия для роста доходов, подчеркивают эксперты.

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EMB 120s have similar accidents hours apart at same airstrip

Two Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia twin turboprops suffered similar accidents at the same airstrip in Tanzania only hours apart in a bizarre set of circumstances. 

Despite both aircraft carrying passengers and crew neither of the incidents ended with serious injuries although the accident investigators will be keen to understand what went wrong.  

The first accident on November 28, 2023, involved an Air Zanzibar Embraer EMB-120, registered 5H-MJH, which according to Tanzania National Parks had a technical issue when landing at Kikoboga Airstrip in the Mikumi National Park. 

According to the Flight Safety Network, the Embraer had 33 people on board when the aircraft suffered a rear gear collapse on landing.  

Hours later a Sindbard Air Embraer EMB-120, registered 5H-FLM, was due to take off from Kikoboga Airstrip for Zanzibar-Kisauni Airport (ZNZ).  

As the aircraft began accelerating down the runway the front gear collapsed, and the aircraft veered from the airstrip into a building. The Sindbard Air flight had 30 passengers on board, two pilots and two flight crew members.  

It is understood that both aircraft were mainly filled with tourists visiting Tanzania for its world-leading wildlife. 

The incident is being investigated by the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Branch (AAIB), part of the Tanzanian Ministry of Transport. 

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