What’s going on with Canon Speedlites?

Since the launch of the EOS R system, the Speedlite situation for the system has been a bit of a mess.

Currently, the flagship Speedlite EL-1 isn’t expected to ship again until May of 2024, while it’s compatible the entire EOS R lineup, it’s also prohibitively expensive for a lot of shooters. The Speedlite EL-5 isn’t compatible with the EOS R5, but works with the EOS R3, EOS R6 Mark II, EOS R7 and EOS R10.

The EL-100? It doesn’t really check all the boxes for a lot of shooters, but compatibility isn’t an issue with the EOS R system.

We have no idea what the ongoing issues are with Canon Speedlites, the EL-5 was delayed for more than 6 months and the EL-1 stock levels remain inconsistent. The EL-5 is easy to come by, but we think it would be far more popular if it was compatible with the EOS R5.

We are now being told that the EL-1 “may never be available again” and that Canon is “revamping the entire Speedlite line next year”. What that means, we’re not 100% sure, but it would make sense to address it with the expected EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II launches next calendar year.

We previously reported than Speedlite EL-10 was on the way, and apparently that is still going to be happening. While it was rumoured to appear late this year, that didn’t come to pass. With the issues surrounding Speedlite’s for EOS R, we’re not surprised things have been bumped…… again.

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