Voigtlander Nokton RF 50mm f/1 specifications and pricing released

The Voigtlander RF 50mm f/1 was announced a few months back with very little information. Cosina has now released all of the specifications and pricing for the ultra fast 50mm lens for the RF mount. While this lens is manual focus, it is licensed and will have electronic communication with RF mount cameras. This will allow for things such as focus peaking, in-body image stabilisation functionality, focus assists and EXIF data.

We expect this lens to have terrific optical performance based on our experience with Voigtlander’s Leica M lenses, but it won’t come cheap. The lens will come in at ¥240,000 (about $1500 USD with straight currency conversion) and will begin shipping in October, 2023.

Designed exclusively for Canon RF mount

Equipped with an optical system optimized for image sensors of mirrorless cameras using Canon RF mounts*1. The lens has a full-size image circle and can be used with both full-frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras

Information communication with the body by electronic contacts

The lens mount is equipped with electronic contacts to realize electrical communication between the lens and the body. In combination with the Canon EOS R System’s body, it supports Exif information, in-body image stabilization (3-axis)*2, and three types of focus assist functions (magnification, peaking, and focus guide*3).

Beautiful bokeh with 12 aperture blades

In order to make the holes formed by the aperture blades close to the circle, a 12-sheet diaphragm configuration is adopted. The out-focus part is a natural depiction, and the point light source is not polygonal, but round and soft bokeh.

GA (Grinding Aspherical) lens and mechanism

The first surface of the lens uses a GA (ground aspherical) lens produced in-house. It is possible to simplify the lens configuration while ensuring high performance, achieve both high-level image quality and a tight style despite the ultra-large aperture, and provide stable image quality from the minimum focusing distance to distant motifs by equipping the mechanism with a floating mechanism.

Manual focus for secure focus operation

The all-metal helicoid unit, which has been machined and adjusted with high precision, and high-quality grease that produces moderate torque, realize smooth focusing sensation. Enables subtle focus adjustments.

Aperture click switching mechanism

The aperture ring has a click switching mechanism, and it is possible to open and close the aperture steplessly without being affected by the click, such as when recording movies or adjusting the fine focus depth.

Focal Length 50mm Caliber Ratio 1:1
Minimum Aperture F16 Lens Construction 7 elements in 9 groups
Angle of View 48.0° Number of Aperture Blades 12 blades
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.45m Maximum Magnification 1:6.9
Maximum Diameter x Overall Length φ79.3×64.0mm Filter Size φ67mm
Weight 650g Lens Hood Exclusive hood included
Aperture Ring Equipped (manual)
with aperture switching mechanism
Supported Focus Assist Function 1 Focus with focus guide
Supported Focus Assist Function2 Focusing with peaking function Supported Focus Assist Function 3 Focusing with the magnifying button
Supported Sensor Size Full-Frame Electronic Contacts Onboard
EXIF Information Fully Supported Image Stabilization 3-axis support
(limited to mounted bodies)

Source: Cosina

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