Maven Filters launches their Wave 2 «Revenge of the Mavens»

Just over 1 year after the launch of his first Kickstarter which raised over a half million dollars on crowdfunding platforms, camera reviewer & Youtuber Michael The Maven has announced a second Kickstarter for his MAVEN filter line, which expands his patent-pending Color Coded, Magnetic Filter ecosystem with 17 new filter products set to launch at up to a 70% discount off expected retail pricing.

Check out the new Maven Filters

The new filter lineup includes an improved color linear polarizer, 3 Dark Polarizer (Neutral Density + Circular Polarizer combo filters – 3ND + CPL, 6ND + ND, & 10ND + CPL), 3 gradient filters, new NDs (including 2, 4 & extreme 15, 18 & 20 Stop NDs), a Bahtinov Mask (used for focusing on stars), an Infrared 720 Filter, a step-up ring with built in splash guard, plasma flare effect filters (blue and gold), as well as new transparent Quick Carry case and other accessories.

The Kickstarter will offer sizes 82, 77, 72, and 67mm with new sizes coming based on demand in 2024.

What’s special about the second line up?

“We are expanding the MAVEN filter ecosystem, so creators can access, adapt and rapidly change the filters they use. These new designs showcase our patent-pending 2-color technology, building upon a Universal language of convenience in identifying which filter does what. We had many requests for dark CPLs and variable filters and we also wanted find a way for those to work together in a convenient, yet adaptable system.”

MAVEN’s DARK Circular Polarizers mean landscape photographers who typically shoot with 2 filters (an ND and CPL) will only need one filter, resulting in less weight, faster set up, cleaning, and minimizing vignetting on very wide-angle lenses. But, the new DARK CPLs have a hidden feature; MAVEN’s new Navy-Blue Linear Polarizer is a standalone polarizer, but can also be added onto the front any other MAVEN Polarizer to create a color-coded variable density filter, providing an additional 1.3-5 Stops of filtration to the second CPL. In the case of a 3 Stop CPL, it would become a 4.3-8 Stop Variable Density filter. The same linear polarizer can convert the other Dark CPLs and even a half fill graduated variable filter, also with 1.3-5 stops of filtration.

“So many of my friends use variables for convenience and precision when shooting video, so I wanted them to have a MAVEN magnetic solution and give them as many options as possible.”

The MAVEN Variable Systems can also be combined with MAVEN specialty filters, to create unique combinations such as Variable Show Glow, Variable Plasma Streak and more.

“By breaking the 2 variable polarizing filters into their own components, we give our customers more options in a lighter footprint, without requiring them to buy multiple types of variables leading to a deep cost savings.”

1st Day Kick Starter Rewards include (a limited number of) Early Bird VIP Specials:

Early Bird Specials (all in sizes between Sizes 82, 77, 72, or 67mm)

Add-ons allow for discounts to accessories including adapter rings, caps, and other MAVEN filters.

Learn more about Maven Filters Wave 2

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